Welcome to the website for the Jackson County Missouri Republican Party.

It is our Goal to keep you informed of activities and events that are scheduled throughout the County and State. Please sign up to receive updates on very important issues concerning our County. We encourage everyone to contact us and to get involved in the political process, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to volunteer or have any questions or suggestions.

It comes as no surprise to me to tell you that our Country is in grave peril. It is our duty, as citizens to stand up for our Constitution and individual liberty. That is what the Jackson County Republican Party is all about. The party is about you, the individual. Therefore, it takes individuals like yourself to preserve the freedom we all hold so dear.

With the upcoming 2016 election season it is time for people to join together to support not only our Constitutional principles, but each of the Republican candidates. If we stay true to the values of our founding documents, we will as Republicans, be successful in this and future election seasons. Through hard work and dedication to activism and holding our elected representatives accountable, our goal is to enhance and revitalize the Republican Party, with a grassroots approach.


Mark Anthony Jones,
Chairman Jackson County Republican Committee


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